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With a professional translation team of language experts across many industries, software engineers, typesetting engineers, senior project managers and senior quality control managers, WetransTech is committed to creating high-quality content for clients in multiple industries around the world. As a conduit between enterprises and target audiences, we will never fail to fulfill our mission.

Multilingual Typesetting

Multilingual Typesetting

In multilingual typesetting, a copy of publicity materials or an instruction manual will be available in multiple languages for a wide range of countries, and they will be processed and offered with artistic design effect.

Translation services include conversion of multiple languages, formats and files. The various appealing publicity materials we see every day are produced by professional typesetting personnel using professional typesetting software, and there are strict requirements for the management and quality control of the typesetting process. With a team of experienced DTP experts and strong technical support, WetransTech can be your one-stop solution provider in satisfying diverse typesetting needs, and can integrate translation technology, proofreading and typesetting (DTP) perfectly, complete various projects with professional technology, ensure perfect consistency and accuracy of the target documents to deliver and the source documents, and enable your products and services to go beyond national borders and go internationally.

Typesetting mostly includes text typesetting, and the types of documents are:

Typesetting mostly includes text typesetting, and the types of documents are:

  • PDF to Word Conversion
  • Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Word)
  • Adobe (Frame-Maker, Photoshop, Adobe InCopy)
  • Quark Xpress
  • Page-Maker
  • Acrobat
  • Illustrator
  • In-Design
  • Corel Draw
  • MadCap Flare
  • CAD Drawing Text Extraction and Typesetting
  • E-Leaning production (Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia Studio)

Supported languages include Asian double-byte languages, Western European languages, Eastern European languages and Middle Eastern languages, and so on.

Multilingual Typesetting Process

Step 1: Check the source file

First, check whether the source document is complete, or whether there are missing fonts, pictures, etc., and specify client instructions and requirements. For multilingual typesetting, the text will be arranged, and country-specific typesetting conventions will be followed.

Step 2: Organize a typesetting team

Organize a project team based on the project size and delivery time, and arrange corresponding typesetting and QA personnel.

Step 3: Start typesetting

The typesetter will start typesetting according to typesetting standards and client requirements.

Step 4: Check typesetting

After the typesetter completes the first draft, the QA process should be carried out according to the typesetting QA process. Check whether the correct font is used, whether the text is displayed correctly in the layout file, and whether all materials are consistent in terms of language combination and file format.

Step 5: QA

The quality of typesetting will be checked or spot checked by QA personnel. Our team will start a rigorous post-typesetting proofreading process again to ensure that the translation remains complete during the typesetting process.

Step 6: Text QA

Send the typeset file to the translator for text QA. If any problems are found, the translator will send feedback to the typesetter for rectification.

Step 7: Checks and revisions by clients

After checking, the account manager will submit the file with modifications and seek confirmation from the client. If there are any questions, the typesetter will make changes to meet client requirements.

STEP 8: Deliver

All typeset files, images and related fonts should be packed, uploaded and delivered according to client requirements.

In multilingual typesetting projects:

  • - We will strictly follow your instructions and requirements to complete the typesetting task;
  • - We will comply with appropriate typesetting rules according to the language characteristics of different countries;
  • - We will strictly control the quality of typesetting task, including the quality of target language and pre-print technical inspections, etc.;

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