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With a professional translation team of language experts across many industries, software engineers, typesetting engineers, senior project managers and senior quality control managers, WetransTech is committed to creating high-quality content for clients in multiple industries around the world. As a conduit between enterprises and target audiences, we will never fail to fulfill our mission.


With the development of artificial intelligence, MTPE will become the future trend in the translation industry. We can provide manual editing service for the translation draft generated by the client's machine translation engine to ensure the final high-quality translation.

Advantages of MTPE: Work efficiency can be improved while ensuring a uniform glossary, and the translators can be more motivated to deliver high-quality work, saving time and money.

We attach importance to the quality of machine translation. The improvement of machine translation and comprehensive post-editing will make it comparable to human translation. The post-editing personnel will rate and provide feedback on the quality of machine translation based on the following aspects. Any post-editing project will be considered finished after the Machine Translation Quality Evaluation Form is filled out.


Machine Translation Quality Evaluation:


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Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) Service

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