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Localization services not only lead to honed results from the perspective of language, but also allow the results to better reflect the overall characteristics of another country in terms of culture, society and technology. WetransTech can provide creative and customized language solutions for the global strategy of clients, and can help enterprises develop and win in the global market.


E-learning is a multimedia product adapted to the era of Internet. It can be simply understood as online learning, not limited to long-distance education, but different from the Powerpoint courseware we often say. E-learning can contain more elements and display more kinds of content. In many cases, E-learning can be directly embedded in the web pages for the audience to browse immediately.

In the process of E-Learning localization, the conversion of language is the key, but it is also necessary to ensure that all cultural intonations and forms of expression are consistent. That's why when dealing with E-learning localizations, we need to make sure that nothing is lost or ignored during the localization process.

Common E-learning Production Tools

Including Articulate series (such as Articulate studio and Storyline), OutStart Trainer, Composica, Raptivity, Character Builder, Lectroa, ToolBook, ViewletBuilder, and ViewletCam. Only a few tools are listed above, and the most common one is Articulate Storyline. With the development and popularity of HTML5, there are more and more light, small E-learning tools today.

One-stop Solution for E-learning Localization Services

First, we will determine the specific content that needs to be localized, including text, subtitles, borders, etc.;
Next, we will create a storyboard for you as the main version;
After the client confirms, we will translate the borders and animations, etc., and then complete the localization and content integration;
Finally, we will compile the international online course and publish it on your LMS (Learning Management System (LMS) or platform).
E-Learning Project Instructions

E-Learning Project Instructions

In the course of arranging and handling an E-learning project, each process must be strictly controlled, or the entire project might be delayed due to any process. For example, what was supposed to be translated cannot be provided in time, or the video or audio dubbing task is not completed as scheduled. These oversights will cause a delay in the project.

1、Arrange for translation: In general, E-learning translation will need to be revised and confirmed by the end client. Therefore, after we submit the translation to the client on time, we should follow up with them in order to receive the final revised and confirmed translation in time.

2、Audio and video dubbing (dubbing and subtitling in sync): If the audio quality fails, there is a mistake in the audio file, missing or undubbed content, or the video effect is not satisfactory, rework is necessary.

3、On-screen text: Usually, there are lots of on-screen text that needs to be replaced or unified in the courseware, and the on-screen text typesetting should also be considered to be exactly the same with the original courseware, in addition to ensuring the accuracy of the translation.

4、Typesetting: Layout rearrangement and text typesetting.

5、Document export and QA check: A preliminary QA check is recommended by using the preview function of the software after typesetting is completed.

6、Re-inspection: After the initial check, the final version of the document should be exported for re-inspection, to ensure that everything during the process meets the requirements. If there are any problems, revisions will be made to the source file before it can be re-exported.

7、Deliver document: The document will be delivered to the client who will review and provide feedback. The final document to deliver should be consistent with the original courseware design based on the requirements of target audience.

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