Localization Solution

Localization services not only lead to honed results from the perspective of language, but also allow the results to better reflect the overall characteristics of another country in terms of culture, society and technology. WetransTech can provide creative and customized language solutions for the global strategy of clients, and can help enterprises develop and win in the global market.

Game Localization

The goal of game localization is to allow a game to adapt to the target language market. Game localization is not only about the process of translation, but also the transformation of language, including regional adaptability of culture. It is adjusted according to cultural, religious and political factors to meet the needs of the target market. During the process, we not only handle text, but also audio-visual content. Game localization is the process of globalization, internationalization, localization and translation.

Common challenges in game localization

Game localization is an extremely complex task, especially for the case of translating Chinese to English and other languages, when we need to fully consider the context, cultural differences, audience, user interfaces and so on. We have extensive experience in game translation, and have accomplished many projects for games with millions of words brilliantly.

1、Our game translation team is familiar with and understands different types of games.

2、We understand that games need to be customized according to the target market, and we are committed to making necessary innovative changes to them.

3、Our translators are qualified and have extensive experience in video game translation. They can accurately translate all the texts and audio in a game, and express the content in it precisely.

4、We research and play the games in advance to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the game background, themes and characters.

5、We use translation memory tools to ensure accuracy, and make full use of CAT (computer-aided translation) and TM (translation memory).

6、The company has a Quality Control Department, which is responsible for overall quality control to ensure that the translation meets the quality standards and is delivered on time.

7、We have experienced game localization project managers.

8、We will make comprehensive glossaries for clients.

Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Japan Localization Project of Totally Free Real-time Sandbox Strategy Mobile Game

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