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Localization services not only lead to honed results from the perspective of language, but also allow the results to better reflect the overall characteristics of another country in terms of culture, society and technology. WetransTech can provide creative and customized language solutions for the global strategy of clients, and can help enterprises develop and win in the global market.


Software, Applications and Websites Localization

In response to the development of clients’ globalization strategy, the localization of software, applications and websites is increasingly playing an important role. The progress of technology has promoted the continuous development of software localization. In the face of the massive content updates of various software, applications and websites, we need to not only consider the localization of language, but also ensure that their software runs stably and smoothly while fitting into the compliance requirements, and help them to close the deal in the global market.

Software Localization Process

1、Localization translation: Clients need to provide us with source files with source code. We will arrange for personnel with corresponding professional backgrounds to handle the software translation, editing and proofreading processes.

2、Localization test: It includes localized version compilation, localized version testing, and bug fixing;

1)Write a testing plan and test use cases;

2)Check whether the translation is appropriate and in line with the habits of local people;

3)Check whether the translation affects the local people's habits (for example, in China, people’s surname comes first, followed by first name);

4)Check whether the text on various icons conform to the habits of the local people (for example, the dragon is a symbol of evil in the West, but a symbol of auspiciousness in China);

5)Check other content that is part of the localization test;

6)Generate a test report and analyze the type of errors;

7)Fix errors. For errors in the localized version, make revisions according to the localized version; for mistranslation, the translator(s) will make revisions; for program error in the source language version, the client will make revisions;

8)Test again. If any error is found, repeat the following step, i.e. fix various localization errors. If no error is found, the localized version will be directly submitted to the client, and the localization test is completed.

Case Study

Case Study

Localization Solution of Vehicle Navigation System

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