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Localization services not only lead to honed results from the perspective of language, but also allow the results to better reflect the overall characteristics of another country in terms of culture, society and technology. WetransTech can provide creative and customized language solutions for the global strategy of clients, and can help enterprises develop and win in the global market.


Comics Localization

Chinese comics are transitioning from the world's largest "consumer" in two-dimensional content to the strongest "creator" of two-dimensional content. However, to reach the audience in the target market overseas, we cannot do without the re-creation process of comics localization, so that the comics can be in keeping with the native elements and content in the target market, allowing the creation more in line with the local reading habits. We will carry out the process of picking up words, recreating content and re-typesetting according to different themes and contents of the comics. Our professional team is not only made up of senior translators, but also loyal fans and lovers of comics.

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Software, Applications and Websites Localization

Users around the world prefer to access applications, websites, and other software products in their native languages. Localization is essential to the global business strategy of the enterprise. We can provide a series of solutions, starting from the style guide and glossary table involved in the product launch to the user interface translation and rewriting, comprehensive testing and localization, to bug fixing, local language review, and final online testing of the target version, in order to ensure that the corporate digital interface runs properly on different operating systems, browsers, channels, and devices, and delivers a unique user experience to each target audience.

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Game Localization

High-quality game localization can make players in every country experience highly restored scenes in games, create an immersive gaming experience, resonate with them, and help gaming clients enter the target market smoothly. Our professional team is made up of experienced translators, who are also hardcore players and loyal fans of games, and create for passion. These translators will play and create at the same time, ensuring that your game localization version is natural, smooth, accurate, compliant, authentic, and linguistically and culturally correct to players. From game scene content translation to text testing, feature testing, player testing. According to client needs, the game will be inspected by conducting the LQA process. In the meantime, plans and processes will be developed flexibly, and various kinds of issues will be checked to see whether appropriate game wording is used, proper features are provided, or out-of-frame bugs or messy codes are fixed, so that the game can run without error.

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E-Learning Localization

According to a survey, about 90% of users in the world prefer to learn online in their native languages, especially in recent years. Online learning has become a trend and fashion, and how could we make online learning easy and convenient? WetransTech online learning localization solutions will be your perfect choice. We can easily satisfy your need for developing sales, technical or product online training materials.
One-stop solution for e-learning localization services:
First, we will determine the specific content that needs to be localized, including text, subtitles, narration, etc.
Then, we will create a storyboard for you as the main version.
After the client confirms with it, we will translate the side contents and animations, etc., and then complete the process of localization and content integration.
Finally, we will translate and edit the international online course and publish it on your LMS (Learning Management System) or platform.
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