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With a professional dubbing team consisting of head dubbing directors, native dubbers, editors, engineers, translators and project managers, WetransTech gives characters new vigor linguistically through dubbing to perfectly match the native languages used them, creating an immersive experience for audience.

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Selection of Dubbing Actors/Actresses

We have a huge dubbing talent pool, providing dubbing services in more than 100 languages. And we are equipped with professional recording and post-production equipment. As the head dubbing director manages the pool comprehensively, we can quickly help you locate matching and high-quality dubbing resources. Demo and audition will be used to determine the voice requirements and preferences of clients, and find the dubbers whose voice can fit the characters perfectly and impress the audience with their magical voice.

Script Translation

We focus on accurately reproducing the story scenes to ensure that the translated content is in sync with the original video, and at the same time, the script translation needs to be consistent with the original audio file in terms of speech rate, tone, pause and lip movements. Therefore, the script translation needs to go through 2 or more translation processes, so that the final effect is natural and vivid.


Narration is often used in promotional films, documentaries, interviews, games and E-Learning videos. The recorded localized audio is perfectly fitted into the original video, or the target language audio track is added to offer immersive and natural experience for the audience, creating the effect of simultaneous interpretation.

Lip-Synchronous Dubbing

It mostly applies to the production of films, TV dramas, TV programs. At the same time, it often includes the process of dubbing for multiple characters, which requires the head dubbing director to manage and monitor it entirely. During the recording process, the dubbers need to pay attention to the length of time, lip movements and transitions corresponding to the audio in the film so as to be natural and smooth. Meanwhile, we can also add synthetic audio to the film, and generate the final video file that meets the client requirements with the right resolution and format. Lip sync technology is considered to have the biggest impact on dubbing performance, and is nicely used in live and animated films, as well as in TV series, trailers, and so on.


Sample Sound

According to the speaking style of characters in a film (including local accents and dialects, pitch, tone and gender), we can select high-quality sample sound in native languages for characters, narration, business promotions, technology promotions, games and animations and so on.

Case Study

Case Study

Latin Spanish, Mandarin and Vietnamese dubbing projects with limited budgets

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